How Effective Is CBD For Dog Skin Allergies?

Dog Skin Allergies
Dog Skin Allergies
Dog Skin Allergies
Dog Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are not something that bothers humans alone. Animals can also develop different types of skin allergies due to various factors. Many allergy triggers are the same for humans and animals. However, your pets are less equipped to deal with allergies, and hence the next time you see your dog grooming herself all day, check if she has some skin irritations.

What Are The Causes Of Dog Skin Allergies?

Allergies can be caused by genetic factors if they are hereditary but genetics is not to blame for all kinds of allergies. The most common causes of skin allergies are:


Pollen allergies are quite common during the spring when every plant is filled with blossoms. The air will carry the pollen and may cause allergies in some dogs. In fact, pollen is one of the most common causes of skin allergies in dogs.


It is not surprising to hear that humans can be allergic to pet dander but it might take some of you by surprise to hear that dogs too can be allergic to pet dander. Your dog can be allergic to the fur of his/her companion dogs.


Mold is a type of fungus and humans use their logic to avoid inhaling or touching it. But dogs that do not have any clue about the mold will not stay away from this and can develop allergies. If you notice signs of skin allergies in your dog, it could be due to the mold that is growing inside your house.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene can be a cause of allergies in dogs. Dirt, saliva, and debris stuck on the dog’s skin will lead to the growth of germs that will cause allergy.

How Can CBD Be Used To Treat Dog Skin Allergy?

CBD can be an effective treatment for the constant irritation and itchiness suffered by dogs. CBD has skin-soothing properties and can help calm the skin area affected by the allergy.

Excessive licking and scratching are some of the biggest problems associated with dog skin allergies. CBD can help break the cycle of scratching or licking irritated skin and check further painful reactions.

Skin allergies can be really frustrating to your dog, especially because they aren’t equipped to deal with them. The only way they have to find relief from the irritation is to scratch and chew the irritated skin. Using effective natural medications like CBD, you can help your dog handle the allergy effectively.