Remember This Before Giving CBD To Pets

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

Pet owners these days are getting frustrated because of the ambiguity that is edging the use of CBD for pets. The result of this frustrating situation is that pet owners often go with their gut when they see their pets suffer. When they feel that the current medication is doing their pet no good or when they feel the need for a more natural solution, they turn to CBD.

A majority of the vets you find these days do not support the use of CBD for cats or pets in general. They have a solid reason too. The use of CBD for pets is in the primary stages of research and no significant advancements have been made in the field, as of today. Therefore, keep the following things in mind if you have decided to go against your vet’s suggestion and are going to purchase a bottle of CBD for pets.

Research Thoroughly

If you are buying the product online, remember to do your research, a thorough one. Furthermore, do not fall for the marketing hype or the claims that lack shreds of evidence. Take time to go through the customer reviews, and start with the negated reviews. Also, do a little backdrop check on the company’s credentials. See if they have any tie-up with a veterinarian or a veterinary school.

Natural Needn’t Mean Better

For the sake of saving some of your precious time, let me make this clear to you. None of the CBD or marijuana-infused products you find in the market under the label ‘for pets only’ is natural. Besides, raw marijuana, anything that is bottled is processed. In the case of CBD for pets, these have been altered to suit the taste buds of pets. During the process of alteration, a few additives are added so that your Meow friend eats it.

Too Good To Be True

The raw materials used to process the CBD based product you find online are mostly shipped overseas. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the precise extraction methods have been followed. As you already know, there are many types of extractions. Some are solvent-based which makes use of hexane or butane. If not handled with precaution, these can leave behind toxic residues. This doesn’t mean you have to look at all the products available online through the same suspicious eyes.

God forbid, but if anything goes wrong, visit your nearest vet immediately. Learn more about CBD dosing for dogs here.