How To Administer CBD Oil To A Dog?

CBD Dog Treats
CBD Dog Treats

Just like humans, CBD oil is very effective in treating many of the health disorders that affect your pets. There are several ways to administer CBD oil to your canine friend, given below are some of the easiest methods.

Place The CBD Product Directly In Dog’s Mouth

It is one of the easiest ways of administering CBD oil to your dog. This method helps to give your dog the exact amount of recommended dosage. The dosage of CBD oil is calculated based on the weight of your dog, breed, and severity of the condition. Draw the CBD oil using a dropper and slowly squeeze the oil inside your dog’s mouth and immediately give them the treat to make sure they swallowed the CBD oil.

Mix CBD Oil With Dog Food

We all know that dogs love their food. When we feed them their favorite food, they will clear their bowl in no time. So if you want to give your dog CBD oil for his health problem, just add the recommended dosage of CBD oil to its favorite meal and make sure the dog consumes it all. This method is very effective because the flavor of the food masks the taste of CBD.

Give CBD Oil As A Treat

You can also give CBD to your dog in the form of a tasty treat. Treats are usually given to dogs as a reward for good behavior. When you give CBD as a treat, it will benefit the dog’s health and also enhance your bond with your dog. Dog treats are generally in the form of cookies or biscuits that are dry in nature. So CBD oil will be absorbed into them effectively. You can also buy CBD dog treats that contain a specific amount of CBD.

Dilute With Water

Administering CBD oil directly into the mouth is not easy at all times. However, you can dilute CBD oil with water and give it to your dog. CBD oil usually does not have any taste and odor. Therefore, when you mix CBD oil with water, your dog will get all the benefits of CBD oil when they drink that water.

Mix CBD Oil With Homemade Treats

Dog treats can be easily made from home with the right ingredients. If your dog loves tasty treats, you can easily make them in your home. All you have to do is add CBD oil to the recipe. This is particularly effective if you are making fried treats. Whatever you do, make sure not to add CBD oil to baked treats before baking because the baking process evaporates the CBD oil.