Does Using CBD Lead To Psychosis?

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CBD has made a mark on the pharma industry and there is no doubt on the ever-growing popularity of the lifesaving drug, as millions upon millions of new users are sprouting up with each passing year. Of the several CBD health benefits that reach our ears, there are a few CBD news mentions of traces of other side effects. None are worthy of a mention and only occur if the user is allergic or ends up taking way more than needed. But one of them: “can cause psychosis” has led to plenty of speculation. As a consumer, should you be worried? We dig deeper for you…

What Exactly Is Psychosis?

Psychosis is in laymen’s terms the ‘losing of the mind’. Wherein, patients affected by it have psychotic episodes where they are disconnected from reality, have strong hallucinations of hearing and seeing things, and indulge in incoherent or slurred speech; basically, a person with his senses switched off. You may be aware of mental disorders that have marked symptoms of delusions such as schizophrenia.

The reasons for this may be hereditary, blunt trauma to the head, or even as a result of drug use; leading to short or long-term effects of psychosis. There are however warning signs that signal the beginning of psychosis.

THC On The Repeated Offenders List

There are repeated studies that cement the fact that the use of cannabis with a THC percentage beyond 40% can lead to psychotic episodes at the time. The effects of psychosis last for the duration of the intoxication and recede, much like intaking alcohol and getting drunk thereafter. The psychosis episodes rarely invoke violent or aggressive behavior.

The Role of CBD in Psychosis?

The studies are in favor of pure CBD, with CBD being shown to time and again control and reduce the effects of psychosis. Research at King’s College in London has found that “patients who received a dose of 600mg of CBD over the course of 40 months were actually able to restore their brain activity within the caudate region of the brain”.

There are countless other such studies that affirm the role of CBD as being used as a herbal supplement to counteract and curb the effects of psychosis in patients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia.

The research shows CBD in a positive light, but exactly how the CBD works to achieve that is still anybody’s guess at the moment.