Common Mistakes Of CBD Companies

Hemp Companies
Hemp Companies
Hemp Companies
Hemp Companies

As with any other entity, hemp companies also commit mistakes. While some mistakes are not all that serious, others even land them in a legal battle with the FDA. If you are a newbie to the CBD business, then be sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Publishing Laboratory Documentation Online

You may know that most CBD products come with third-party laboratory test reports. By looking at the report, you can determine whether the related product contains the same amounts of phytocannabinoids as the manufacturer advertises. Then again, to check the report, the associated manufacturer has to publish it on its website.

The website of every reputable manufacturer contains the report of a select few CBD products. This helps it to build trust with customers. If your business is not doing it, then you are missing the chance to build customer trust.

Mislabeling Products

Another mistake that hemp companies do is not labeling their CBD items correctly. When another company’s laboratory checks these products and finds out that these items contain fewer amounts of cannabinoids than labeled, the manufacturer might have to recall these. There have been recent occurrences of CBD product recalls that happened, thanks in large part to the involvement of the Food and Drug Administration. This brings us to our next point.

Exploiting The Fact That The CBD Market Is Not Regulated

Most CBD brands make the aforesaid labeling mistake unknowingly, but some do it deliberately. The latter companies have the impression that just because the FDA does not control the CBD industry for safety and purity, they can get away with anything. However, this is not always possible. What if the government agency finds out that your business has been cheating customers in any way? Given above is one example of a mistake, whether the act is deliberate or not.

A different example is the companies making unsubstantiated medical claims about any of their CBD products. The FDA recently cautioned some companies that promoted CBD as a treatment option and even a cure for the coronavirus disease. This is another mistake your new CBD business would want to avoid.

Describing Products Wrongly

Some companies are using terms such as CBD oil and hemp oil interchangeably. However, these are two different products. Do you know that hemp oil does not even contain cannabidiol? Therefore, it is important for CBD businesses to describe their products correctly.