Calming Your Dog’s Anxiety With CBD

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

Although owning a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have, it is to no surprise that it can get nerve-wracking. Dogs are not very different from humans when it comes to falling prey to anxiety and stress. This is an ailment that no breed of dog is immune to. They will have to face these problems from time to time and if not treated well in time, can lead to serious mental issues in the dog that can cause depression.

What Is Dog Anxiety?

Anxiety occurs when your dog anticipates danger, and as a result, it reacts to the danger. The danger could be of something unknown or even from a make-believe source.

However, if the correct steps are taken then the situation can be de-escalated. You may need the guidance of a vet or professional help to understand the root cause as to why your dog gets anxious. For example, your dog may get anxious when it goes to high traffic junction with plenty of honking cars. These loud noises may scare dogs and put them in a state of fear.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Anxiety?

The tell-tale signs that your dog has anxiety are many. These may include:

  • Aggressive Behaviour – your dog is on the attack stance and growls when in seemingly relaxed situations. They may bark uncontrollably and in certain cases, they may end up biting as well.
  • Destructive Behaviour- when we get anxious, we sometimes bite out nails or tap the heels of our foot. Dogs showcase anxiety by means of biting shoes or scratching furniture. They may end up tearing and ripping cushions and magazines.
  • Urinating And Defecation- they may end up emptying their bowels without a moment’s notice. Anxious dogs are unable to control their bowel movement and they will create a mess for the owners to clean. Yes, this happens even if they are well-trained.

CBD To Calm Your Dog

CBD is a therapeutic medication and helps calm dogs down. It is proven to be a relaxant and does extremely well in mellowing down anxiety. In many cases, separation anxiety can be a cause of mental stress in dogs-when their owners are away for a long time. CBD use helps soothe anxiety and reduces their anxiety by a couple of notches. CBD for pets can be included in their diet, either by directly dropping CBD oil drops into their mouths or by mixing CBD oil in their food such as CBD treats.

Make your dog’s life better with the help of CBD.