Tips To Buy The Best Pet CBD Product

Buy The Best Pet CBD
Buy The Best Pet CBD
Buy The Best Pet CBD
Buy The Best Pet CBD

CBD is never a compound meant for human use alone. It can be equally effective for animals and many pet owners are reporting the positive effects of CBD in handling the health conditions of their pets. As surprising as it may sound, this is a fact that cannot be denied. That said, what should you look for in a pet CBD product? We all are aware of the amazing health benefits of this truly magical compound. The article that follows is aimed at assisting you in procuring the best pet CBD products on the market.

Check The Certificate Of Analysis And Then Think Of Buying The Product

A certificate of Analysis(COA) of a CBD product is issued by third-party labs that test the cannabidiol product for pesticides, microbials, chemicals, and metal toxins. The labs also evaluate the cannabinoid contents in the product. COA should be available on the product website and if you can’t find it, do not go ahead with buying the product. Study the lab result thoroughly to ensure that it does not contain any toxic substances. You should also check if the cannabinoid percentages on the lab report are the same as those displayed on the product label.

Nano-Sized Microemulsion CBD Is Ideal 

Particle size in CBD plays a significant role in the absorption rates. You can ideally choose a nano-sized emulsion as it offers the highest absorption rate. Take a look at different types of CBD emulsions:

  • Standard emulsion: Large particle size leads to lower rates of absorption. The quality is poor and it explains why they come at a lower price.
  • Liposomal emulsion: The particle size is small and ensures good absorption.
  • Nano-sized emulsion: The particle size is the smallest and hence it offers excellent absorption rates.

Choose Products With “No Detectable THC”

The law permits the production and sale of CBD products that come with 0.3% THC and less. THC level this low cannot cause a high in humans. However, pets react differently to THC unlike humans and even minimal amounts of THC may have a significant adverse impact on pets. Go for pet CBD products that have zero detectable THC on the certificate of Analysis.

Purchase Organic Hemp Products Alone 

Hemp is a hyperaccumulator that tends to pull toxins in its growing soil. If a CBD product was derived from hemp crops grown in contaminated soil, the crop will accumulate contaminants and affect the purity of the cannabidiol product. Hence it is recommended that you buy organic CBD products alone.

Cheaper Rates Have To Be Seen As A Red Flag 

CBD manufacturing is an expensive process that requires a lot of effort. High-quality equipment has to be used if the product has to have supreme purity and quality. Many extraction methods of CBD often require expensive equipment and this will reflect in the price of the final product. If you find any cannabidiol product being offered at cheap rates, see that as a red flag because the quality may have been compromised.

Watch Out For Products Labeled Only As “Hemp Oil”

Many manufacturers do not add the term “CBD” on the product label and just use the term hemp oil. Unless you can verify the amount of CBD in a hemp product, you should not decide to buy it. The information on the label has to be provided on the product’s COA. It is important to note that hemp oil with CBD is not the same as hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of hemp plants and does not contain CBD. If you take hemp seed oil by expecting the results that CBD oil will give, you are going to be disappointed.

Go For Full Spectrum CBD 

A CBD product belongs to any one of the three spectrum options, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD products have all essential hemp cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBG, minimal amounts of THC, and more. Broad-spectrum cannabidiol products have all cannabinoids present in full-spectrum products except THC. Going for a full spectrum product is more beneficial for your pet than choosing CBD isolate.

For Therapeutic Purposes, Choose CBD Oils Or Tinctures 

There is no denying that administering CBD treats to your pets is super easy but if you want CBD to handle a medical condition of your pet, it is better to go with CBD oil or tincture, as they have better potency and purity. The lesser the number of ingredients, the better will be the potency of the cannabidiol product. CBD treats being edibles mostly have less CBD concentration than CBD oils and tinctures. The oil or tincture can be taken in a dropper and placed in your pet’s mouth.

Choosing poor quality CBD products cannot produce the desired effects on pets. To get satisfactory results, take adequate care in the CBD selection process and the tips given in this article are going to help. Learn more about the benefits of CBD for pets here.