How To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog?

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CBD Oil To Hamsters
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

Much like humans, animals also suffer from a wide range of health problems and studies are showing that these health disorders in animals can also be treated effectively using CBD. If your dogs are suffering from any health problem, you might want to provide the best treatment for them and CBD might be helpful. However, it might be difficult to give CBD to dogs. Here are some tips to give CBD oil to your dog.

Apply Directly Into Mouth

CBD oil products like tinctures are dosed based on the number of drops, the size of the dog, and the health problem of the dog. The best way to administer CBD to your dog is to take an appropriate amount of CBD oil on a dropper, insert it in your dog’s mouth, and then squeeze the dropper. It is an effective way as long as the dog does not resist. After administering the CBD oil, give them their favorite treat to ensure that they swallow it all.

Mix It With Dog Food

If applying directly into the mouth fails, the next effective way is to administer the CBD oil by mixing it with their food.  All you have to do is to add the appropriate amount of CBD oil to their food and mix it thoroughly. Before feeding your dog, let the food mixed with CBD oil soak for a few minutes. The flavors in the food will mask the earthy flavor of the CBD oil and your dog will not have any problem eating it.

Mix CBD Oil With A Treat

Treats are usually given to dogs as a reward for doing something good.  You can easily put CBD oil in a treat and give it to your dog. But you have to make sure that the treat is porous, which will absorb the CBD oil. Apply the right amount of CBD oil to the treat and let it soak for some time before giving it to your dog.

Mix CBD Oil With Something Tasty

Adding CBD oil to a treat is not always applicable when it comes to big dogs that need larger doses of CBD. In such cases, the best way is to mix CBD oil with something tasty like peanut butter. Mix the required amount of CBD oil with peanut butter or any other tasty substance and feed it to your dog.

CBD dog treats that contain a specific amount of CBD are also available in the market. You can also try those if you are looking for a much easier way to give CBD oil to your dog.