What Is The Ideal Frequency To Administer CBD For Dogs?

CBD For dogs
CBD For dogs
CBD For dogs
CBD For dogs

CBD for pets is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners because of the many potential health benefits of cannabidiol. Even the veterinary industry is recognizing this, and because of this, pet products manufacturers are introducing different types of CBD-infused pet products. This means that we can provide our furry friends relief from discomforts due to ailments in a holistic way. Also, for the maximum benefit, you must administer the right dosage of CBD, and this also depends on how your pet’s body responds to it. Shared below are important points on how often you should give cannabidiol to dogs.

Points To Consider Before Giving CBD For dogs

The frequency of giving CBD to dogs depends on a wide variety of factors. Some of them are bodyweight, the severity of symptoms, the type of ailment, etc.

Pet’s Ailment

The most important factor that you must consider when giving CBD for dogs or other pet animals is the ailment. Remember that the severity of the ailment and the frequency of the occurrence of the symptoms determine how often you should administer cannabidiol. For example, if your pet suffers from extreme anxiety, it is advised to give CBD daily.

Studies have shown that CBD can be used for treating pain-related issues. For example, you can give it at regular intervals for older dogs with arthritis for managing the pain and reducing the inflammation in joints. This will ensure that the cannabinoid will be in their system and the pain-relieving effects last longer. However, if the pain is mild, then you can reduce the frequency of administering CBD.

Pet’s Tolerance To CBD

The other major factor that you must consider when giving CBD for dogs is their tolerance to this cannabinoid. Some pet animals have a high tolerance, while others have a lower tolerance. In the former case, they can take large amounts of CBD without feeling groggy. If this is the case, then you might give it to them multiple times a day to get the maximum effect.

Observe How Your Pet Responds To CBD

When you are giving CBD to your pet for the first time, you must observe how they respond to it in the first few hours. They can become more playful, or become a bit more lethargic, or feel happy and relaxed. Note down these observations in a diary, and make the adjustments in the frequency of administering CBD based on these observations.

These are some of the important points that you must know regarding the frequency of administering CBD for dogs.